I am a strategy consultant working at the Mountain View office of Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global Marketing and Strategy firm broadly recognized for a specialization in pricing. I bring a long-term love of science and technology into my current job, focusing on assisting software and hardware technology companies in the Silicon Valley with pricing, marketing and sales strategy.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here

Prior to consulting, I obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, where I worked under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Dollar at the Yale GRABLab (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science). My dissertation was in the design of reconfigurable robots constructed from many simple robotic 'cells', leveraging shape and stiffness-change to create robotic mechanisms.

During my time at Yale, I also worked with Dr. Brian Scassellati at the Yale Social Robotics Lab (Department of Computer Science) on the use of non-verbal behaviors in human-robot communication.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Lafayette College, Easton, PA, and a Masters of Science and Masters of Philosophy in Engineering, both from Yale University, New Haven, CT.

I am originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, where I lived until coming to the United States for college.

More information about my research projects, publications and side projects can be found in the links above. My complete CV can be accessed here, and a shortened resume can be accessed here.

During my PhD, I used to be quite occupied with my various research and hobby projects. Since making a change to consulting, my primary hobby has been in developing better understanding of business concepts, especially as they relate to consulting and market analysis. 

Previous topics of interest, and things I am always happy to discuss, include: the philosophy of Lao Tsu, recursive logic, and the difficulties of statistical thinking.