The following subsections list some of my research projects.

Modular Active Cell Robots (MACROs)

This project revolves around the design of small-scale robots that are both structural and actuating, and can be used in ensembles to create scalable robotic systems. Our work has been in the design and fabrication of these "Active cells", with small ensembles performing simple actuation tasks. I worked with Dr. John Swensen on the early years of this project. I was supervised over the duration of my PhD by Dr. Aaron Dollar at Yale University.

2xE Expedition Outreach in Social Robotics

This was a project to create an outreach project in museums around the country showcasing the progress of the NSF Social Robotics Expedition that Yale University is a part of. I worked with Henny Admoni and Dr. Iolanda Leite, and was supervised by Dr. Brian Scassellati at Yale University.

Conductive polymers

I attempted to enhance the conductivity of an insulating polymer (Silicone) by embedding highly conductive macroscopic (copper) elements. The process altered the mechanical properties of the polymer minimally while providing over 11 orders of magnitude increase in the conductivity of the polymer. The process was independent of the choice of polymer or metal, and thus may be useful in the design of large swaths of bulk-conductive polymeric material. I was supervised by Dr. Aaron Dollar and Dr. John Swensen at Yale University.

Brain-Computer Interface development

I created a BCI system that connected to a wandering rover over wireless, allowing a human participant to choose (from a grid of options) the motions the robot makes. The rover was placed far from the participant, while a virtual robot model was placed on the screen to provide feedback to the user. The BCI system used EEG signals analysed and filtered in the time-domain to obtain correlations as flashing stimuli was applied. I extended an open source BCI filter, set up stimuli for the participant, the communication protocol with the robot, and the robot's motion software. The system was tested on a few individuals as part of my undergraduate honors thesis. I was supervised by Dr. Yih-Choung Yu and Dr. Lisa Gabel at Lafayette College.

Ultrasonic eye-scanner prototyping

Together with fellow student Shailesh Shreshtha in the ECE department, I worked on a project supervised by Dr. Yih-Choung Yu and Dr. Richard Koplin in prototyping a patent-pending ultrasonic eye scanner. I identified the physical system's parameters, configured and calibrated sensor readings, prototyped and tested the mechanical device and developed control software for the scanner.