Northern California, USA: My current home, the first ever to contain both myself and my wife in the same place at any one time (finally!). Northern California is a nearly absurdly beautiful place; living in Sunnyvale, we have easy access to Lake Tahoe, Monterey and the Napa valley!

New Haven, Connecticut, USA: My second home in the US. Despite living here for 5 years, I didn't get quite as much time exploring the city and it’s surroundings as I would have liked β€” if I did, perhaps my PhD would have taken even longer!

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA: My first real home away from home. Small but oh such an art-loving town. Lovely walks by the river, fun in the town center every week!

Madrid, Spain: A four month study abroad semester. An active, buzzing, endearing place with lots of excellent food and even better people!

Barcelona, Spain: Filled with great art, crowded with the people from all parts of the world: one of my most favorite cities in the world.

Chefchaouen, Morocco: Amazingly busy, artistic (if somewhat touristy) little town.

Vienna, Austria: Charming city of quiet people and an ever-present aura of peace. Lovely architecture, rich with history and art.

Leiden, Netherlands: Attended a model-UN conference. Fantastic small-city experience of Europe. Beautiful roads and canals. Excellent folks on excellent bicycles!

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Predictably spectacular. Wonderful museums with art to change one's life. Incomparable for a canal ride in the sun.

Venice, Italy: Great city, even on rainy days. Gift shops with their distinctive masks. Skyline like no other, filled with renaissance architecture and winding alleys.

Singapore city, Singapore: A place for busy people in unbelievable skyscrapers. Walk through the city, rain or shine, refreshes every time.

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Childhood spent and cherished. Family... so many friends. Crowded beyond measure, but with the best kind of people.