Hobbies and Projects

My personal interests are many and varied. Many things I want to include here are not yet ported to a website (should be done very soon!!), but I have sectioned the ones that are here.

Travel: A brief look at places I have been to (and some thoughts about them) can be found at the Travel page.

Wedding: I got married on December 2014!! The website for the events was made by my wife, and can be viewed here.

A collection of projects, in somewhat reverse-chronological order. 


"Perspectives" (lamp)

This was a gift for my beautiful wife Nazifa, whom I occasionally call Babyta. I wanted the light from the LEDs to illuminate the same objects and project "Nazifa" and "Babyta" on two different surfaces. It actually works!


Compressed-air engine

As a newly-minted mechanical engineer, this was my first machined device, a little toy engine fully machined from aluminum and brass, driven by compressed air. The air causes the slider to pump up and down, and the crank is turned by the slider.



This project involved designing an ultrasonic eye-scanner mounted on a resonant beam with controllable deflection. We patented the design and a product using this design is under development.


Project "Puck"

This is a fun little project to interrupt the data output of a webcam on its way to a old CRT monitor, making a blackout "puck" that you can interact with using a bright light source.


Stacking blocks with a robot arm

This was a thoroughly fascinating project for me, since I had never programmed anything before. As a first foray into robotics, I programmed this simple robotic arm to stack blocks.


Rainwater Harvesting System

A brief look into civil engineering! We made a rainwater collection system that would filter out debris and large particulates from the roof this system is connected to (designer on the floor for scale).